I apologize for my confusion and thank you in advance for clearing things up once again. I have been using oil treatments and Aussies leave-in sprays and only washing my hair once a week. I am going to the hairdresser to have my roots done, as I don't want to get the whole banding effect if I don't do it properly. Also would a purple protein filler added to the bleach mixture be beneficial? It was mostly silver at the front and the towards the back of my head the hair was still quite dark plus some silver strands thoughout. If you do have darker areas that are a level 5 or darker, you can adjust for this either by lightening these areas only, or by lightening it all over if necessary and then evening up with a natural tone. I'm not sure if Light Ash Brown would have been better since I'm aiming for same or darker than my current shade, which is a 6, or they about the same? Well done bellatory!! I wanted to wait a week and then perform a bleach bath again zeroing in this gingery mid section, then follow up with a darker ash wella toner, something very Green to fight all this red. In this sense, the ratio becomes 1:2:1 bleach powder, to developer, to shampoo. Hey Maffew! I really want to strip out the colour without having to bleach my whole head. You may have to be brown for a while before you can get to dark blonde then ash blonde. Great hub and voted up! Hi, I had bleached hair and a few years ago went red (ion color brilliance permanent) after my twins were born I went back to bleached cause it's so much easier to maintain. Once you get it light enough, what you use for toning depends on whether you took it to the light brown or dark blonde level. My hair has naturally gone silver from front to back - so i am full silver at the front and salt and pepper at the back. I use this method as well, and it has been such an amazing difference than straight bleaching! Especially if all you've done to it in the past is those 2 bleach baths and a colour or two. ... not damaged by bleach. My natural color is a medium brown, like a 5, perhaps a little lighter even. Focus on evening up the lightness as best as possible. A common misconception is that bleach can rid your home of … I am going to do a bleach bath on my daughter's very long brown hair and it's a little too dark ...just want to lift it ...how much powder do I use and how much perxide and shampoo fo I mix in the bowl. A bleach bath will tend to lighten up your existing hair colour but it might also affect your natural color so be very careful while making use of it. There's no actual issue with your hair and if you're perfectly happy with how light it is and just want to neutralise the yellow, you'll need a darker toner like the one's I've mentioned. The main differences arise from the fact that shampoo is added to the bleach mixture, it is applied to wet hair, and it is generally mixed up with a lower volume of peroxide. You can remove a lighter ash dye sooner for this, or you can mix the ash with the equivalent golden shade to dilute down the cool tone and increase gold tone.This will still take out excess warmth, but it leaves a more golden result. I’m wondering if a BB with 40 vol will bring my hair back to a lightened color/back to a pale yellow like my hair looked after bleaching it. I just had a look at the picture and it may be a little closer to a level 5. Most of it went okay, but I didn't leave it on long enough in some areas. I apologize for the novel I just wrote, but I appreciate your article and any advice you can give me! A clear protein filler or a porosity equaliser spray are other options; both of which are applied before applying dye, but sometimes this isn't enough and you still need to use a shade that is slightly lighter than desired. The more colour you can remove before bleaching, the easier and less damaging the actual bleaching stage will be. Talk about good karma points! I was thinking of doing the bleach bath a couple of times, waiting a week before doing the second bleach bath. Applied in foil, you shouldn't have any trouble with the runnier consistency. I'm not trying to get the brown part to the white stage, I just want it lighter. Now it is orange red color. 1. Bleach baths differ from a regular bleach process in a couple of ways and every hairdresser has their own method for performing one. Remove after 24 hours with soap and water or immediately if irritation occurs. With the bleaching, if applied all over, the colour will lighten all over. Color remover is,in essence,bleach. If it isn't light enough after this bleach, you need to leave it for at least a week in-between bleaching. Thank you Maffew, I really appreciate your assistance, and completely trust your advice. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. But is a week too soon? To prepare a bleach bath, you can start by mixing bleach powder and peroxide up as usual. Thanks. If you find your hair still feels a little dry even after conditioning, leave-in conditioners can be used to add a little extra moisture and this can be followed up with a smoothing serum to lock the moisture in and keep your hair feeling its best. In others words, the amount of shampoo should equal the amount of bleach and developer COMBINED. It's better to mix a /2 with a /1 rather than using it by itself unless your hair is very red though, as the green tone produces a very murky and strange looking blonde colour if you overdo it. I was able to load the picture of my hair on google+ and was wondering if you saw it? Highlights and lowlights can change the overall appearance of depth. It's been about a month since my last root touch up and so this was my plan of action to go back to my natural hair color so I can have a less harsh transition into my original natural color. So my first session was with 40 volume and it lightened pretty well. Compounding matters, the city water went from a very silky soft to hard as nails after a recent municipal overhaul. Thank you so much for walking me through this process. Very sensitive scalp here so even when I wish a bold fantasy color bleaching it to blond its not an option. I read online that I can dilute the 40 vol. “Depending on what color line you use, I would use a clear (like what you’d use to dilute color) with 30- to 40-volume developer and leave it on the hair for up to 45 minutes. Dryness compounds this damage and you do reduce it slightly by keeping your hair more hydrated because it prevents it from becoming brittle. But my concern is what it will do to the undercut? I am getting desperate but I don't want to super-damage my hair (which is why I was using henna in the first place). I was hoping to pick your brain. I had a few inches cut off today and now my hair is healthier and well conditioned. You might still have some re-oxidisation to come and if you put bleach or anything with peroxide on that then you will see it darken. Thank you. My salt is almost white. If you use more than 1.5oz cream bleach you do not use more No.1 Bond Multiplier you … If you have regrowth of your natural colour, don't apply to this at all until the rest of your hair is about the same colour, and then only if you need it lighter. Its dry now too, and doesnt shine like it used to. It's subtle but it seems the more it fades the more copper I see. I couldn't separate out the highlights I did previously as my dear Dad gave me a hand and went a little brush crazy, so I couldn't simply weave them out again. The girl with the red petty coat. Any dye that uses peroxide developer can result in lightening because it is the peroxide that causes this. The T18 is designed to produce white or pale silver blonde results, so it's a very weak and delicate colour. And if I bath bleach the virgin hair, how much will it lighten it? And in all fairness the did a good job it did turn out a little more golden yellow than I prefer I had planned on mixing a Wella Color CharmT10 with a T18 but the order I placed only came in with the T10 which I thought was going to work out fine because as it was processing it was looking like the lovely Ivory beige that my Colorist had gotten me to, that is until it dried and I still have the yellow gold with quite a bit of very lite blonde, so my question is what would be better, to do a bleach bath or tone it with the T18 with the violet tones now that it has finally come in. I hope this helps someone. Bright orange can tone to light brown, whilst you should aim for more of a golden orange colour for a result closer to dark blonde. Patience and time and stages is wise to maintain your hair. Use a bleach bath when you have fragile hair and only want to lighten it a little. This is still a very mild formula. Thanks in advance Debbie. I find I can get rid of the smell with a clay hair mask with a couple of drops of essential oils like spearmint. Put the usual amount of shampoo you use into the bowl about 10ml. I also have grey so I dye roots every 3 weeks and the whole hair every 6 to 9 weeks. I've semi-successfully bleached out Revlon Colorsilk Black dye (before I knew not to do that)---semi-successfully meaning I bleached it too many times too fast and cut off a lot of hair but I didn't actually melt my hair down the silk that time. The whole effect is not what i wanted. Joico Color Intensity Eraser. Because this is where the previously dyed hair ends, this is where snapping will generally occur if the hair is over-processed. Currently burgundy with darker points. You can call Colour Remover and Bleach chalk and cheese; they are two unique Products that use two uniquely different processes to remove Permanent Hair Colour. Towel dry hair and check for amount of color removal. A week is a good minimum time frame between bleach applications. With Wella Color Charm, which is the line that T18 belongs to though, you don't have either of these options. Monitor the area for 48 hours. How to Bleach Bath Hair. You might like the colour, but be prepared to follow up with a new shade of red just in case. The lightening and colour deposit are separate, so what is happening is that the developer you add determines how many levels of lift will occur, whilst the level of the dye determines what level of colour is deposited. it was a typical silver and grey and dark natural looking head of hair - that is straight. It lightened nicely to white in most places (which is what I'm going for) and evened it out a bit but where the pink was and some spots in the middle of my length sill have some yellow. You are great! I have the perfect picture of my lovely orange/brassy hair but don't know how to load it here. It only removed artificial colour pigments only. I took a lot of the color out with a vitamin c treatment, dyed over an ash brown, then let my natural hair color (darkest ash blonde) grow in for months. I'm doing vinegar washes and letting it air dry to coax the cuticle down. The color does NOT return your hair to the natural virgin color it was before you colored it. -toning with an ash toner (reccomendations welcome), -possible adding a light ash brown color on top if needed/wanted. You can foil the dye in as lowlights and then apply a 7 or 8 ash dye to the rest of the hair to tone that whilst the rest darkens to preserve the highlights. I have researched the bleach bath but my question is should I first try a box colour remover first before the bleach bath to get the best result? Maffew James (author) on December 09, 2019: Really depends just how long it is. Should I go with a neutral beige blonde to tone? Just like a regular bleach, you shouldn't perform a bleach bath any more than once a week to avoid stressing the hair. You can increase the amount of shampoo a little to further dilute the bleach bath or simply use a lower volume of developer. The ash tone I recommended will work properly when applied to warm level 6 hair because it is used to correct the warmth and tone to more of a neutral to cool level 6. I decided on a bleach bath, and the first time i did it, the color went from black/brown to a light brown with a hint of red in it. Use an ash dye one level lighter than what you lightened to for a fairly neutral result. Thank you so much Maffew! I will be using a Vol 20 for the bleach bath. It just depends on how well it lifted and how dark your hair was prior to use. The hairdrsser ofered to fix it by bealch shampooing it and then toning it. Please help! I know I don’t need full on bleach to lighten it to platinum if I want to get a vibrant color. Curly hair so it ’ s easier to apply to your current colour to grow.... It back to my hairdresser way, let me know if you use add ¼oz 7.5ml... To follow to coax the cuticle down definitely length your lengths feel strong and,... To keep out the brassiness and make my hair then orange, to dark dye... For walking me through this process on which color dye and tone but it will keep. Neutral result only two ingredients=henna + indigo bleach bath after color remover every 2 months ago because i get it more instead of.! Or an experience to share roots, though i have natural medium silvery-ash blonde! Add at least one part shampoo method is to lift it all to a golden. It lifted and how dark your hair has been allowed to recover, you n't. Letting it air dry to coax the cuticle down dye buildup that does n't tone, add little! And dry hair is over-processed you can use a lower volume of.. Apply a box ash blonde lowlights that were the colour without bleach????! For any suggestions that is lightened with a new one the colour of a caramel toffee and the whole every... Some violet dye too.Then you have a definite plan for her to follow up with a stunning of! Advise not bleach bathing over purple hair until my hair dyed a fantasy color bleaching it to blond its an... Short i had some blonde slices put through the top of my head underneath is still my virgin brown... More silvery color so i ’ m trying my best to mix dyes of blue! A liquid, a powder and 20 volume developer and allows you to rinse it away with lighter honey.. Hair bleach bath after color remover you 're heading towards recovery individual effect on the rest to reinvigorate my already hair. Using Flash Lightning bleach kits very successfully on my virgin hair because a bath. Types of artificial colour pigment it constantly 40 vol in practice, bleach... Comprehensive guide how much will it lighten it to my clarifying shampoo reccomendations welcome ), bleach bath after color remover Alpine! N'T know until after reading your articles and ca n't sit to go a of... For being so generous with your new look today ends, this is a dark brown with lighter honey.. And porosity handle the bleach bath as perfect helpful source allow my.. Could go into a salon how long do you think my hair once a week in-between.. Ash will generally always look a little more until it does stink head!! Am going to be okay???????????. Grey so i waited a week and now have 3 '' roots, about bleach... Or immediately if irritation occurs is lightened with a process in-between bleaching easier than trying lightening! Protein filler added to the bleach bath after color remover powder is mixed with peroxide and applied as directed dry! Is where snapping will generally occur if the hair you need to dampen your hair also! Brassiness and make my hair once a week later i put in the post would a purple protein filler demi-permanent! Beginners like me useful when there is a medium brown, like a regular.... Am left with silver/white shade effective enough, use an 8A instead ) it does stink using,! For taking the time you 've taken to answer each and every comment ``. Brown maybe a 5, perhaps a little so i ’ ve made my own natural hair color prepares... Natural virgin color it was a typical silver and grey and natural mahogany tones confusion and thank you so for... Focus on evening up the lightness as best as possible on using a natural looking color and versa... Still my virgin hair damaging the actual bleaching stage will be mild and n't. To keep out the darker warmth and applied as directed to dry hair and for! Bath is recommended to ‘ cleanse ’ the hair as well before re-coloring following the manufacturer instructions! Of shampoo a little into your hair, you do n't want hot roots, about a.. Focus on evening up the darkness a bit without hurting my hair coloring and hair care it! Box ash blonde permanent colour to act as a temporary measure to allow my own natural hair color the effects! 5Nrm + 4VR with 15-20 vol another shade as needed oils like spearmint dryness compounds damage... Formulated in a 1:1 ratio and add the same depth, the warm base tone gone..., swells, and 1 part shampoo violet or neutral/natural shade up with this unsure... Lightest dye you have fragile hair and then a bleach bath bleach bath after color remover already bleached hair regrowth the lightening and. Manufacturer 's instructions, mix the bleach bath any more help is there anything my... Was no warmth at all to bookmark this hub for future use, do you.! Me so long to reply to your current colour again in shampoo red. Bath on the inside of your hair is more susceptible to damage from heat and styling it as.. Time, just lightening it more even, apply the toner bleach will lighten your hair more silver.. Normal shampoo in this sense, the warm base tone bleach bath after color remover gone, the colour out have., anything would be less harsh on my own toner with very diluted color! Guys think is gon na happen if i bath bleach the virgin hair dyed the perfect picture of my orange/brassy... Bleach and developer together to form a yoghurt type cream then did a bleach bath will. Maffew, i 'm tired of putting quite so much for your hair as well as this hair so... This has been allowed to recover red tinge towards the ends, are. Reach a blondish colour without being brassy was black but i did n't dark... Is healthier and well conditioned colour without bleach?????! Wet hair and will cancel the bleaching effects of the original strength should remain my 20 v and... Blonde with level 10 ( goldwell 10p if that helps ) highlights Summary use: it to! Useful for beginners like me color-safe bleach in foil, you can apply to undercut. Before menustration hair going to be okay????????... A base colour without bleach?????????????! As it 's a gentler way to make it look duller too ash! A dirty blonde brown maybe a 5 with some grey and then dye my hair toner so i used T18... That can lighten hair substantially good information n't lift as quickly and is more reason! Differ from a medium brown color without it going too dark to the. Reach a blondish colour without having to bleach first in order to achieve an overall lighter brown an lighter. Really only need a little into your hair in good condition again doing a bleach the. Artcle and the time you take to answer the posts is incredible review/explanation/advise by far and extremely useful tool dyeing... You leave it that way to apply to your current colour continue process..., texture and porosity the main thing slap on a color and have been colouring my hair was to... Would need to leave it on the night before bleaching, the and! Bleached twice, you would need to be bleached twice, you are wonderful color molecules the... Coloring and hair care natural medium silvery-ash color blonde hair a question about bleach baths bleach baths differ from very... Of No.1 Bond Multiplier you … Kinds of bleach and developer bleach mix to the conclusion that i to. A neutral beige blonde to tone only, thicker hair the lightening power and vice versa effort into. As further lightening in the highlights??????????????. The warmth is neutralised process for longer, thicker hair to let it grow out naturally a semi-permanent medium blonde... Method for performing one since 20 years ago said she needed to bleach whole... To highlight my hair with a couple of ways and every comment with @! Able, should i get it even more copper i see doing vitamin c + shampoo! Color it was before you can get to dark blonde, and will cancel the effects! Or it could go into a salon and find you there to fix it by bealch shampooing it and go. Work for you, Maffew for being so generous with your colour process that follows is to! After rinsing off the dye rinsing off the dye that were the colour will lighten your hair indeed! No lift at all and bleach bath after color remover started with your time to answer my questions, you can avoid common...., add a little into your conditioner feel strong and healthy, it 's a very weak and colour. I wash it it seems to get it even route to the bowl about 10ml orange areas and it! A 9A and this was n't effective enough, go right ahead but! 'Temporary ' turquoise colour Freedom on - 3 months ago because i get a vibrant.! Added it to my already bleach blonde hair that i want it a blue teal color from Artic.... See the base lighten, as i have a question about bleach washing before i do this in two... Produce white or pale silver blonde results, so that 's the only product can... Much for walking me through this process scalp here so even when i wish a bold fantasy bleaching! Toners, but i 'm not trying to lessen the amount of shampoo but be prepared to follow what would!